The Qadar (Divine Decree)


The Qadar (Divine Decree) is Allah’s (SWT) legislation. Allah (SWT) said “And ever is the command of Allah a destiny decreed”, Surat Al-Ahzab,38. The Qadar (Divine Decree) is that, Allah (STW) knows everything from the beginning. The Qadaa (Divine decision, creation&occurence) is that, Allah (STW) creates the things and actions in Qadar on time.  Allah (STW) knows where all living creatures is at now and where they will be leaved at the end.  Allay (SWT) says “All is in a clear register (Lauh Mahfuzh)”, Surat Al-Hud,6. And says “Allah eliminates what He wills or confirms, and with Him is the Mother of the Book”, Surat Ar-Ra’d,39. As indicated by our Prophet Mohamad (pbuh) This can be changed with prayer. He (pbuh) says “Nothing can change Uncertain Qadaa (divine decision), only prayer can change”. (reported Hakeem). The recording of the destiny in Lauh Mahfuzh is Qadaa (divine decision, creation). If a scourge is an uncertain qadaa and If person’s prayer is foreordeined, He prays. When the prayer is accepted by Allah (SWT), The prayer prevents the scourge. The prevention the scourge with prayer is also part of Qadaa and Qadar.

The person is not responsible for things that crossed someone’s mind. They are responsible only for intents. For example; ‘Going to the Kalender Mosque’ crossed someone’s mind. In this case, to get in to a vehicle is intent and practice. But, at that time, the phone rings on the road. The voice on the other side of the line says “come back to home, there is a problem”. And finally, the intention can not be realized.

Sheikh Sayyiid Imam Rabbânî (ks) said:

Qadaa (Divine decision, Creation) splits in two parts;

  1. a) Uncertain And Filexible Qadaa: can be changed.
  2. b) Certain And Fixed Qadaa: impossible to change it or avoid from it.

The change and altering situations can only be possible in Uncertain Qadaa. Our prophet Mohamad (pbuh) says “Repel evils with prayers”. Such an event occured in Damascus (Bilad al-Sham): “Sheikh Mahmud Sâmi (ks) were walking around the street with one of his close friends. Like he knows all places very well. They entered to a house in which majzuub peoples (peoples under divine attrraction) live. He (Shaikh Mahmud Sâmi ks) told them: “A big evil is coming up to Turkey, let’s pray for Turkey and dissappear this evil. One of majzuub stood, drew a circle, and splitted into the parts. He repelled one of parts by his hand and said “Sheikh Sayyid Sâmi (ks), Ok, Glad tidings, you saved from this evil”

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