The Consciousness In The Choice


Our blessing Prophet Mohamad pbuh was the messenger of Allah SWT and a president. Prophet David pbuh, prophet Solomon pbuh, prophet Dhul-Qarnayn pbuh were also presidents. Prophet Joseph pbuh was the minister responsible for the treasury. Hundreds of the Awliyaah (Sheikhs) were the leaders and give directions to the state. Such Imam Rabbani (ks) and Mohamad Masum (ks). In todays, The awliyaahs (the sheikhs), who pray for continuity of the state, hit the mark to politics (siyâsah).

The members of Shazali and Medenî lodges had supported Ottoman Sultan Abdul Hamid II (may he rest in peace). The turbaned mujahideen in the War Of Independence had becomed legendary with their glorious ressistances. The people, who trained science by scholarships and moral education by the awliyaah (sheikhs) were conscious. In the election of the presidents, everyone has not involved. The someones were chosen Quran and Sunnah based, would give directions to the politics (siyâsah). This called as “Shuraa” (the consultation) in Islam. In the election from the demarches (reeves) up to the presidents; The decisions are taken by the faithful and prayerful people and excellent moral characters.

The proper wall coating can not be expected from the oblique plaster gauge. The valorous people required in the election. Such our Prophet’s holy companions who said to Chalip Omar (ra) “We correct you by our swords”. Always we come back to same point “proper community and peoples”. The success underlies in the answer of the muslim soldiers in the conquest of a castle at arround Edirne city. The commander asked “O My soldiers! What is your goal”. They all answered “I’lâyi Kalimatullah”. And the success also underlies in the detection of Sari Ana (Yellow Mother) who fed all the army by only one cow in a military expedition in Ottoman Sultan Suleiman ‘The Magnificent’ periode. She said to Sultan “My sultan, Pass the army from Armutlu (there are many pear gardens) district. If there are pears in backpacks of the soldiers, you can not win the victory”. Then All the checked backpacks were empty.

The person, who do not take the advantage to forefront, who prefers the hereafter instead of the world and who knows that he’ll questioned in a day, will not make a wrong choice. He prefer which one is close to Hak Allah SWT, do not the useless crowd. Such our Ustâd (ks) says “We help those who help our religion”. Sheikh Sami (ks) puts and ends to the subject as “My sons are conscious, They know what they will vote”. The characters of peoples are in their brains that provides information about the events. The consciousness (mind) is the domination of the sipirits to the material things. It’s to give form to brain with the divine voice coming from the heart. The person who makes his nafs ‘Nafs Al Mutmainnah’, and make his soul a mirror to Allah SWT, gives a right decision.

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