The people compromise, thereby inhaling same air and living in same homeland. The Muslims merge by faith and brotherhood. The friends for Allah SWT, love one another by goodness (al ihsan) level. They help to poor, needy peoples. They share foods with neighbors. They remember distant lands. They think burned muslim in Arakan, his cut and cooked brother in Burma, the ones who persecuted in East Turkistan etc.

The person can also reconciliate in one’s absence. He tells ‘You warmed up me’ to a person whom he never meet before. The souls are like soldiers. “Those who agreed in the universe of souls, agree in this universe”. The pride of the universe Prophet Mohamad (pbuh) heaved a sigh and said “I miss my brothers”. He (pbuh) pointed Imam Rabbani (ks) by saying “A man named Sila will appear”. He (pbuh) also means Numān ibn Thābit (ra) with his nabawi word “Prophet Adam (pbuh) is proud of me, and I proud of Imam Azam”. Those screechers saying “O Rasulallah” in the waking from sleep, hear a voice from Prophet Nabiyy-i Akram (pbuh) saying “You are my son”. They make a connection spritually with him (pbuh).

The animals also yearn for him (pbuh). The snake that heard that he (pbuh) will come to the cave many years before, bit Abu Bakr Sıddiyk’s foot (ra), because of the yearning to him (pbuh). The date palm log groaned with the suffering of separation. The camel died on the door step because Rasulullah (pbuh) passed away.

They come to agreement and reconciliate with the affection of the heart, being honored with forgiveness before leaving hand from hand and eye from eye, with the pleasant word, advice, visit of patients, participate in the funeral that equivalent to charity (sadaqa), with brotherhood contract.

The divine lovers who say “You came that night, O Rasulallah (pbuh)” with being Fana Fir-Rasul, those who honored with divine manifestation of As’Ma and Af’al (divine attributes and divine activities) with being Fana Fi-Allah and those who said “I get smell of my Sheikh” forty days before on six month walking distance with being Fana Fis-Seikh, reconciliate in maqam (place of residence).

The reconciliation is obtained with perfect human personality who knows responsibility to Allah SWT, trains his family with Islamic way, takes care around and looks to the creatures with the eye of compassion.

We see “The Peace Is In Islam” writings that provides the reconciliation. Our wish is to merge the fair president and the community and to come the bliss century with the Quran that came to warn the peoples alive.

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