The religion that is not looked after is stranger. “Islam began as something strange and will revert to being something strange as it began, so give tidings to the strangers.” [Sahih Muslim no.145] When Abdullah ibn Masud asked the Prophet (pbuh) who are these strangers, the Prophet (pbuh) replied “Those that leave their people for the religion.

Even our souls are ophran in our bodies. The body that doesn’t obey the duty of servitude, as stated by Mehmed Akif “The faith (Iman) is a great jewel that is mighty / A rusty heart without Iman is a great burden! The brain and the body that doesn’t know the purpose in being created is deprived of both parents. “And I have created the Jinn and men only for this that they may worship me.” [Az Zariyat verse 56]

The person that doesn’t contain a single verse from the Quran in their heart is an orphan. The person that doesn’t contemplate the Eminent All Mighty Divine is an orphan. The hand that doesn’t give and the feet that doesn’t walk in the way of Allah are both orphans. The youth that consumes drugs (eroin and bonzai) are orphan. . The house that is not lived in sunnah is ophran. The house that doesn’t have halal earnings is orphan. The parents whom they do not served their child to Islam are orphan. The peoples that determines every part of their life according to the Quran and Sunnah, are not ophran.

The dunya (world) that is deprived of worship is orphan, the heaven that is unable to sight Allah (Swt) is also orphan.

I saw that the Ka’aba is orphaned. The real visitors are only a few. The feet that walk Baitul Ma’mur are only a few. Worshippers that are spreaded their prayer rugs in front of the Ka’aba in the sight of Allah (Swt) are only a few. The prudent worhippers that are seen the sight of The Throne (Ars) between Ka’aba’s door in between the Golden Gutter are only a few. What can I say to this, merely I sat and cried. Like me there is many that count the numbers of tawaf done. Like me there is many that engage with gold and jewelry, with dishes and plates, with clothes and clothings. There are only a few that contemplate about the places that have seen the struggles of the Tawhid among them. There is only a few that remember the holy companions (Sahabetu’l Kiram) of Madinah whom they all ran to war in the name of jihad.

I contemplated about the minority of peoples whom they wrapped up in to holy purpose; I have found consolation a few with Allah’s (Swt) qualification about this minority in Quran. Will we always be orphaned like this? Oh Allah (Swt), save us from poorness and orphanhood with the quidance of the friends of Allah (Swt) whom they are already in guidance of Rasulullah (pbuh) !

Muhammad Ikbal must have witnessed me, observe what he preaches, “Let not what you take from this place (Haramain, Mekkah and Madinah) be dates, zamzam, and velvet clothing. Let it be Chalip Abu Bakr as-Siddiq’s loyalty, Caliph Omar’s justice, Caliph Uthman’s politeness and modesty, Caliph Ali’s jihad.

Not only children are orphaned from their parents. There are many more orphans. If we say the orphans are stranger, The Quran that is not opened and read like our blessed Probhet (pbuh) is stranger in our walls hanged on. The Quran is stranger in the memory of wickeds. The salihah (good) wife is stranger in the hands of the oppressor husband. The salih (good) man is stranger in the hands of the petulant wife. The mosque that doesn’t have worshippers is stranger. The scholar that is not appreciated properly is left forlorn in his peoples. By giving ear to Hacı Hassan (ks) observation “I’m entrusting the Quran to Turkey.” Let us rescue our lofty worths from orphanhood.

Let us rescue our teenagers from the confusion and orphanhood of the virtual world and all its drunkenness. May the community from the family heads to leaders of society come together to their units and to their mothers and fathers with divine compassion. May the humankind rescue from ophranhood by the Tawhid addressing to all aspects to our life. By saying Najip Fazil, “Let us hang on tightly to our Prophet‘s (pbuh) robe” and attain prosperity. Even though he (pbuh) was ophran, He (pbuh) was father of prophet Adam (as) spiritually. With our Prophet Mohamad’s manners (pbuh) who is our father spiritually and with Prophet Adam’s purety (as) who is our father physically, let us find our true identity.

With our bodies at worship, our families following Allah’s (swt) orders and with Muslims uniting under one holy flag only than can be saved us from orphanhood. The world can only be rescued with prostration and the hereafter can only be rescued with the Jamalullah’s (Swt) view, from ophranhood.

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