The existence of everything is with an energy. The creation of the universe is with an order ‘Be’. From the blood circulation up to the flow of water, from the raining up to the fruit of the tree, from the sunshine up to the moonrise, All of these are with divine order ‘Be’.

The perfection of the prophets from Prophet Adam (pbuh) to our blessing Prophet Mohamad (pbuh), the awliyaah (the scholars) who are prophet’s successors and the righteous peoples are with the energy of propethood and walayah (guardianship). It’s the energy of good temper and Islam that clears the heart from the rasts, enlightens the brains, fits the organs to the purpose of creation and gives direction to the life.

Despite all the blessings, the reason of anxious of the society is running out of the energy source. It’s drying of the water that feeds the roots of the tree. The drought is nothing more than deprivation of the life-giving blessings ‘The Quran And The Sunnah’.

The life of our ancestors who get power from the Quran, is a thousend years. The life of the nations, who is not based on the divine inspiration, do not go beyond 72 years. The people of Noah was plunged into the water. The people of Âd was destroyed with the wind, the people of Semûd with a terrible voice, the people of Lût with the stones from the sky.

The foundation of a new civilization is built with the truth in the hadidth Jibril. The universe is enlightened with the sun of Islam. The energy, power and force come with the blessing of the comtemplation water in the veins of brain, the piety provisions to depth of the heart, the lesson to the eye, the advice to the ear, the wisdom to the tongue, the generosity to the hand, the jihad to the foot, and the love and fondness.

How the energy occurs by the wind and water, also the energy occurs in the hearts with the breeze of inspiration and with the wind of the divine prosperity. The people who tired from life, comes into being with servitude to Allah STW and worship. The youth who lost his way, finds his identity with the Islam.

The human solves the problems by confessing his inability, by giving thought to almighty power of Allah SWT and with the conscious of the world is a place of examination the hereafter is eternal.

Somepeople takes food supplement everyday. The body is mortal. The sources of energy for our bodies are spoiled and consumed foods. They spoil in this hot weather without refrigerator. But the soul is not spoiled and not ended (eternal). The food of the soul is also eternal. The prayer, jihad, remembrance of Allah STW (dhikrs), rabita (making connection with sheikh), muraqaba worships are permanent. They are more beneficial in terms of reward and better for [one’s] hope.

Let us give importance avrad (daily prayers) and azkar (dhikrs), reading Holy Quran, charity and ilmihal (informations about faith, worship and ethichs) in Ramadan Mubarak as well as all time.

Let us evaluate and appraise our spiritual power, health and welfare according to the fear of Allah SWT (taqwa) and our effort in worship.

The energy of recognition of Allah SWT is with recognition of our soul (nafs). It’s to deliberate the book of the universe and The Quran at first. Let us adorn our inside with inward of The Quran, and adorn our outside with outward of The Quran. This is the real energy. As Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi (ks) says.

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